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Travelport Rapid Reprice

Automate ticket reissue… Enhance customer experience


Automate ticket reissue… Enhance customer experience

Handling traveler itinerary changes that require ticket reissues often results in a time-consuming task for the agent. Rules, taxes, penalties, refunds or additional collections have to be determined. It can prove to be very challenging to apply the applicable replacement fares. With Travelport Rapid Reprice, the time consuming process of determining the correct reissue data is automated because Rapid Reprice takes care of the process!

Using Rapid Reprice, travel agencies, corporations and online travel providers employ the same technology used by the world's largest airlines to research old and new fares and rules, and generate a new ticket in minutes. The automated process dramatically improves agent productivity through its intuitive screens and simplified process. It produces savings through reduced costs per booking and fewer debit memos.

Travelport Rapid Reprice puts an end to inconveniences associated with manual ticket reissues and is the solution of choice for a growing number of travel organizations.

Benefits and features at a glance:

  • Automates the complex ticket reissue process with speed and accuracy
  • Saves agents' time and reduces the responsibility of determining the correct replacement fares for a reissue by producing the applicable additional collection, refund and change fee
  • Reduces debit memos and protects revenues by processing ticket reissues in accordance with airline policies
  • Documents and stores all reissue transactions in the PNR history, serving as an accounting tool after travel has taken place
  • Frees your agents from the manual process so they can focus on new business
  • Functions proficiently across multiple GDSs


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